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Re: Who was the most hated character among fans while DS9 was airing?

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We've already established that you think everyone is hot, Tea.

There is something about Quark, though. I couldn't tell you what. It defies all logic, to be perfectly honest. But there is something.
Not everyone. I find Odo incredibly unattractive. Didn't like him at all the first DS9 watch, obviously I appreciate him as a well developed and interesting character now. But very unattractive. Also don't personally fine Garak hot though I totally get why a lot of people do. O'Brien, not hot at all.

I like Quark's confidence, humor and overt sexuality. He's an interesting package. I'm also fond of all the wheeling and dealing and I can't stand the snooty attitude the Federation has about it.
In re: Jadzia, I was never excessively fond of her, partly for the reason Anna Yolei mentioned - namely, that there wasn't enough character development for Jadzia herself. All the focus was on Dax's previous hosts, and it made Jadzia kind of uninteresting in comparison. Also, I never thought Terry Farrell was that great an actress.

But there are some things about Jadzia I like. I liked when she pranked Odo by rearranging everything in his quarters.
I'm an Ezri girl.

This perfectly explains my feelings..


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