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Re: Jurassic Park 3D

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Caught it last night. I really enjoyed it. I thought the 3-D was tastefully done, but the picture was kind of blurry for me since I forgotten my regular distance glasses. So I won't talk about the 3-D.. it added good depth, which is very tasteful.

I saw this film 9 times in the theater when I was 19, and it is a fantastic film. watching it now, it holds up. Sure, there's a lot of dinosaur action, but there's also more time that Spielberg pulls back and allows us to take in this amazing place, so he didn't overcrowd the film with dinosaurs. He builds it in such a way that way that we feel like we are seeing a real Tyrannosaur come to life again and not just a cool special effect. The creature is amazing, and I love how it behaves the way a real animal might. The T-Rex's first appearance is one of the most perfect scenes ever filmed, combining CGI and animatronics, with a lot of hard work, and it is still amazing. The T-Rex may be my favorite CGI creature ever put on film, because it's actually much more.

For the last ten years, the trend in Hollywood is to have more angst in their characters. "Should I do this, and save people, fall in love, or be myself." This has been the theme of many of the superhero or teen paranormal romance films. I'm not knocking them, but I really enjoyed seeing JP again, where such "martyr-style"angst was no where to be found. These were adult characters.. not young ansty adults or teenagers. These were flawed but professional people. Ian Malcolm is one of my favorite movie characters ever.

I loved his relationship with Grant. Here, he openly tries to put the moves on Gran'ts significant other, and Grant let's him know that she's not available,, but they don't hate each other. these characters might be simply drawn but they are not two-dimensional. They are both the most respected minds in their particular fields, but Grant keeps a low profile, while Ian eats up his celebrity status. It would be as if Aerosmith opened up their Rock and Roler Coaster in another theme park, and a famous engineer (Grant) and Steve Tyler himself (Ian Malcolm) showed up on the same tour to sign off on the ride. Of course, it's not hard to iamgine that hte rock star might be a bit showy in front of the engineer's girl. That's part of the job description. People like Grant would give him a pass.

And the description of Malcolm in the film is so dead on: "He suffers from a deplorable excess of personality." You don't get dialogue like that any more. Most of my cars have had their own deplorable excess of personality.

The kids were also very good, especially in the scenes before and during the first attack, because Spielberg lets us see them as real kids we can care about.

Man, I love this film.
I wholeheartedly agree. Great film.
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