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Re: Worf & Dax’s Descendants in the Episode Children of Time

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Worf got jealous about Ezri's dinner because 1) jealousy was still an option in a large, ever changin' population aboard a space station and 2) because of his unresolved feelings over Jadzia's loss.

In 'Children of Time', there wouldn't have been an untimely death for Jadzia, she & Worf could have lived together quite awhile, and even if they boinked other people (which they totally did for the sake of the colony's gene pool), they would still be together as a couple and could have non-procreative sex.
I get that. I just don't see Mister Klingon honor, our souls and bodies are joined and our hearts beat for each other and each other alone going along with it no matter the circumstances. Worf's not exactly flexible and adaptable.
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