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Re: Who was the most hated character among fans while DS9 was airing?

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Just out of curiosity. Who was the Wesley Crusher of DS9? This show has many beloved characters but who did fans dislike?
I'm not sure that it's really comparable to Wesley, but I think Bashir was the character that tended to register as least popular among the regular cast while the show was on the air.
For some reason, this reminded me of when I first got into Trek fanfiction in about 2001 or thereabouts and I came across of LOT of fanfiction that involved Bashir getting raped by--everyone in the cast from obvious choice of Garak to Tom Riker and even Kira. And not mirror universe Kira, either.

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I really hated Bashir's twist. They turned him into a gimmick character, and it made no retroactive sense. They also introduced a class of people with no basic human rights into the Federation and it led to some of the most annoying characters in the series.
You know, you brought up something that, if a new series were to follow up beyond the 24th century, would be an interesting thing to look into. DS9 did a good job of showing the dark side of paradise between the Maquis movement and Section 31...but like Bashir points out, many of these citizens that were genetically enhanced had that imposed on them by their families...and are treated with more contempt than Romulans for it.

Seems like something that would be good to follow up on in a future Trek series.
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