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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Pro, Season 5? Surely you jest. Smallville jumped off the tracks and straight into Loonytown in Season 4.

How much time did they waste on that Lana witch storyline and did it ever really go anywhere? It was clearly tacked on to the season to give Kristen something to do but they never found a way for it to pay off.

What did it have to do with quest for the Fortress of Solitude? That was clearly what the season wanted to be about?

What about Jane Seymour and Jensen Ackles' characters? The show didn't justify their existence until they introduced the whole Traveler mythos to the backstory. Up until then Seymour and Ackles' characters were completely pointless.

The only good thing about Season 4 was bringing in Erica. Everything else was a damn waste.

But imagine if Bryan Q had been writing it...
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