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He will rip your face off in an instant. He goes from friendly and playful to destroyer of worlds in milliseconds. Thankfully he's pretty good with the kids, usually giving a swat at them when he's annoyed. However I predict a trip to the Emergency Room at some point, to have some stitches for some cat claw marks.
It amazes me how dynamically different cat personalities can be. I've known quite a few cats over the years. Some so laid back, you'd think they were stoned. Some so wired and skittish, you'd think they were suffering from PTSD.

But the ones that have a bold personality, that want their way with things no matter what and will become seriously pissed if not... those you have to really watch out for. Some say cats can be "conditioned" to behave, but it's certainly much harder than with dogs. Is there a "cat whisperer" out there?
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