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Re: Roger Ebert is dead...

Squiggy wrote: View Post
Be a man and bring it to TNZ...
Yes because nobody but me has ever brought up politics outside of TNZ

junxon wrote: View Post
it's weird to moan about a eberts 'liberal' politics while having an avatar from a show by david lynch, who votes democrat.
I did not moan about Eberts liberal politics.

I discussed the hypocrisy of some posters who seemed to defend inserting politics in writing when it was a liberal viewpoint but not a conservative viewpoint.

Never in this thread have I attacked either the man or his politics.

The worst thing I said about Ebert on this thread was that hypothetically some people could take issue with some of his positions as strongly as some of the posters here took issue with Orson Scott Card.

Disagree with me if you want. reasonable people can do that, but at least disagree with what I actually wrote.
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