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Re: How does one "lasso" an asteroid?

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I was making a joke because cables and space don't get along very well. ^_^
example please?
He gave examples.
No he didn't.

There's also the problem of electric currents.
Only within the Earth's magnetic field and in relatively low orbits. Besides, the kinds of asteroids they're looking at capturing would be about the size of a schoolbus, so a spacecraft pulling that asteroid wouldn't need a cable more than about a dozen meters long, far too short for electric current to be a problem.

Should the asteroid be outfitted with a complete RCS?
Nope. Just figure out the asteroid's center of mass and have the tug attach a cable so that it is providing thrust through that point. It then becomes possible to disconnect the cable, reposition to a different vector and then reattach the cable, again thrusting through the center of mass.
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