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Re: Should I give Enterprise another chance?

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So I've seen every other Trek series (some multiple times) and I watched the first two seasons of Enterprise when it first aired, but then I lost interest. I just couldn't get into it, or force myself to care about any of the characters. But now I'm wondering, now that I'm older, if I might enjoy it more. Could someone give me some compelling reasons why I should give it another go? Does it get better after the second season?
It's the exact same scenario I was in when I first watched through Enterprise as a whole last year. I bailed around halfway through season 2 during the original airing also as it just wasn't entertaining to me.

I find I've softened to the show a lot more over the Trekless years, even if Enterprise has a high percentage of just plain bad episodes. Season 3 at least has a direction and for the most part season 4 was actually pretty good with some blaring exceptions.
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