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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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Wasn't the major "clue" that tied GR to Whitney's forced oral sex the fact that she stated the person later apologized and gave her some homemade polished jewelry -- a hobby that GR was known for in those days?

That's the only thing her book says that can lead to idle speculation, iirc.

Sir Rhosis
I wasn't aware of that being a Roddenberry hobby, but that is indeed the apology from the unnamed executive described in Whitney's memoir the workday after the assault.

Some speculation that it was Roddenberry can be found here:

It is just speculation, though. It probably was a mistake to bring up the issue in the first place.


On the subject of the OP, I don't have a problem demythologizing Roddenberry at all. He was a good writer who took a lot of credit that others deserved and often exaggerated his own accomplishments. Paramount only helped fuel these claims, since Roddenberry the creative visionary made for better marketing copy than Roddenberry the creative collaborator.

I'm frankly tired of reading "facts" about the series that are demonstrably false or highly suspect, in everything from popular journalism to academic articles. And a lot of that is tied into Roddenberry's myth making.
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