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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

^Some years back, I flew out to Hollywood to pitch ideas to DS9 and I stayed with my cousin who lives in the area. I got to talking to him about how I'd sent in a spec script for TNG before sending in the one for DS9 that got me the invitation, and maybe mentioned something about possibly pitching for VGR as well, and so on... and eventually I realized, from his questions, that he had no idea that the various shows I was talking about were connected in any way to each other or to Star Trek. My cousin had worked in the film industry for decades (providing bicycle, skateboard, and roller-skate stunts and camera work for just about every movie and TV show that featured them), but he didn't know that there were multiple Star Trek series.

So, yeah. It's definitely possible to forget that other people aren't into the same things you are.
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