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Re: Confession: Why I am now 7/R

Some schools of thought say that Vulcans can frakk out of season.

Homosexuality for instance.

If Pon far is about breeding, Homosexuality makes no sense.

Of course Vulcan could be so gay, it's population could have been significantly more gay than straight, that Ponn far could have been needed to "trick" the homosexuals into breeding?

Does pon far end on orgasm or conception?

It certainly ends on the killthrill of murdering someone which is analogous to an orgasm, but what if the kill isn't "satisfying" enough to end Pon far? Do they gotta kill again? What about the guy that needs to kill 15 other dudes to get over his pon far? That insinuates that there has to be some sort of quality control that only an excellence of murder will quench the blood fever... Does excessive quantity = minimum standards of quality?

Not all orgasms are created equally and some of these pointy eared frakks could be so fucked up inside that they could never achieve the level of release to cap off ponfar from whacking just one person... And besides if it was just a question of orgasming, then masturbation would "get'er done" and is that what is really meant by "meditation" and some idiots like Tuvok couldn't break the Victorian code for masturbation and the Tactical Officer there thought that they actually meant meditation when they said meditation, because "meditation (wink)" translates so poorly from the Kir'Shira?

But if Pon far finishes when you telepathicaly feel conception and a new life begin, or if you hear the thoughts in a once vital mind blink out and vanish, that sorta makes homosexuality unusable during the time of pon far. Then death, murder someone or go against your sexual orientation briefly doesn't seem like a rough set of choices?


The Homos have to murder people!

Think about this.

Breeders keep on breeding, and homosexuals keep thunderdoming, halving their representation in the population every seven years... It's a fricking conspiracy!

It's almost like Surak designed this procedure to wheedle out gays form the fabric of Vulcan Society.

Surak was obviously irrationally militantly homophobic!

Maybe that's why the Romulans left?

They were afraid that they were too gay to survive on Vulcan so they buggered off to outer space.
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