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Re: What REALLY happened to Dr. Daystrom after 'The Ulitimate Computer

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Reminds me of why the Turing Agency was created in the Sprawl Trilogy by William Gibson, and with the need to regulate them (with the option to erase them with an EMP if they get out of hand.)
I'll have to check out this trilogy. However, Spartacus, the AI in THE TWO FACES OF TOMORROW is not conveniently in one place. Its drones learn to protect themselves from various kinds of weapons with armor plating and other defenses. Spartacus even manages to outwit a thermo-nuclear bomb rigged to destroy the entire space station as a last resort. The real bonus of the story is that it is not the cliche tale of an "evil" machine that decides humanity must be destroyed, a la THE TERMINATOR.

As for Daystrom, he created a subspace greeting card company with the pitch "Send an n-gram today," and the tagline, "Thinking of you!"
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