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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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And some of the interview (in the original English) can be found in this vintage Trekweb article.
For what it's worth, my computer warned me of a possible risk of malware at that link. So be warned.
Thanks, Greg. I didn't get that.

I've removed the link. Here's the text at the link, though:

"'Trek' Novelist Diane Carey Criticizes ENTERPRISE and 'Archer' Character"

Posted: 09:27:44 on October 23 2001
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

In comments made to the CyFy Pulse web site, TREK novelist Diane Carey offers some candid remarks about the new series, ENTERPRISE.

After admitting that she wrote the ENTERPRISE novelization in "four days flat" while on a cruise (the novel was panned by many critics for lack of effort), Carey says of the "Broken Bow" script, "It's the same as the others. They're all written by the same people. The original Star Trek was written by a glowing roster of science fiction and TV writers who had all done many other works-Harlan Ellison, Dorothy Fontana, Ted Sturgeon, Jeremy Tarcher, etc. Each episode was fresh. These new shows are all written by the same handful of staffers. If a script is somehow accepted from outside, it's rewritten by the staff."

Carey goes on to criticize Captain Archer as currently written, saying "He's a likable guy, but that alone doesn't make a captain. Once told that his landing party could very well die before morning if they didn't receive medication, Captain Kirk would never say, 'I hope they're still alive when the wind dies down.' We'll see if he gets any spunkier. I hope so. Right now he's too worried about disturbing T'Pol to get much done."

She also adds about the series in general, "I assure you, with all due respect, it's like nothing I've ever seen before. Let's just say it's . . . interesting. Heroism is typical human bravado. How . . . primitive. Let's eat and talk about the food."

The novelist goes on to talk about the process of converting a teleplay to a novel in the rest of the interview
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