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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Did you ever hear about twilight of the Superheroes?
Interesting. DC used to be fanatical about having that outline pulled down.

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Moore recycles everything with Bates, Miracle Man and Kid Miracle Man with the Marvel Family after the world finished and Superman picked up the pieces declaring himself king.
That's the way Moore used to work. He had files full of ideas, and he'd take an idea he'd written up for something else and apply it to whatever he was offered. His Swamp Thing run originated in an outline he wrote for The Heap (an old horror comics character). He claims that Watchmen began with an outline for a story with Archie Comics' Red Circle heroes (the Shield, the Fly, the Comet, etc.).

Keep things archetypal, and eventually the key will fit.
I read his Wildcats run YEARS after I should have because no one told me that Image was anything still but Bubblegum Liefeld clone artists coupled with random exclamation generators... But a good stretch of his run was a complete rehash of Ozymandias' plan from Watchmen.
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