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Re: Political expansion limits of the Federation

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Assuming the Federation President is also the Commander in Chief of Starfleet, then what is the "C-in-C" (Admiral Smillie) from ST VI supposed to be?
"Commander-in-chief" is not a term solely reserved for the person in command of a state's entire military services. It can also be used for persons in charge of segments of a service. For instance, up until the Bush Administration, the commanding officers of the Unified Combatant Commands (the U.S. Defense Department's operating theaters for its forces in different parts of the globe) were known as the commanders-in-chief of their UCC. So you could have, say, the Commander-in-Chief of United States European Command, serving alongside the Commander-in-Chief of United States Central Command, and both serving under the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Defense serving under the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces (the President). (In 2002, the Bush Administration changed their titles to "Unified Combatant Commanders," in order to preserve the title "commander-in-chief" for the sitting president.)

So the C-in-C in ST6 (called Admiral William Smilie in the novels) may have, for instance, had a more limited command brief. Maybe Admiral Smilie was commander-in-chief of Starfleet, and the President is commander-in-chief of all UFP armed forces including Starfleet.
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