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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

It's probably worth noting that there's a generational factor here. My dad knows Batman and Superman and Captain Marvel (and the Phantom and the Green Hornet and the Shadow, etc.), but didn't have a clue who the X-Men were when the movies came out, because he stopped reading comic books in the 1950s--and certainly wasn't watching animated X-Men cartoons in the nineties or whenever.

Basically, there's a spectrum. On one end, there's the household names like Superman and Spider-Man and Wonder Woman and the Hulk, whom are basically the characters whom even grownups remember from TV. And then there's the characters they have maybe heard of if they have kids who watch cartoons and stuff. Iron Man and Thor and the Silver Surfer and such used to be in that category, prior to becoming movie stars, but not anymore. (I saw Iron Man coloring books at a craft store the other day!)

DC had a generational edge on Marvel for decades, just because Marvel didn't really hit it big until the 1960s, but that advantage has faded as the Golden Age of Comics fades into the misty recesses of memory . . . and folks like my dad are replaced by folks who watched Iron Man cartoons when they were kids.

Times change. Mandrake the Magician used to be a household name. Nowadays, not so much!
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