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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

The thing about Infinity is, it's a blank slate. VOY's example did flicker across my mind, but I chose to ignore it. The lack of any set formula suggests creative freedom and even the possibility interests me.

The other ones, I sort of know where they're going. Orion = Indiana Jones/Lara Croft. Sojourn could get bogged down with a mystery that spins its wheels until the audience gives up in frustration, and if it doesn't get cancelled and we actually get to the resolution, it could easily be another Lost. Clandestine overlaps with Blake's 7's premise too much - I'd like to see one of the two, but do we really need both?

The danger of High Moon is that Bryan Fuller's approach tends to be sweet and whimsical and charming but lacking in the kind of focus that holds the audience's attention. "Discovering the secrets of a new life form" sounds fun in principle but is it going to keep people tuning in week after week?

So basically they're all going to suck. Or maybe I'm suspicious of so much space opera all at once that I need to ward off the evil eye by dissing all of it.
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