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Re: Where do I start?

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I just found out there was a Christmas episode that I haven't been able to see. I suppose that could explain some of it.
Oh, I'm sorry about that, when you said you were all caught up, I thought you had also seen The Snowmen. Seems if on Demand has 7.01 - 7.05, they should also have The Christmas Special The Snowmen.
Netflix can be choosy when it comes to Dr. Who. When I was catching up on Season 4. It went Season 4, Next Doctor, and then jumped to Season 5. With no indication that their were any kind of specials in between the end of four and the beginning of five. Fortunately I was able to track them down and see them, as it would be quite a jump to going from Ten being fine and dandy to all of a sudden having a new bloke as the Doctor
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