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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

Sure. They tend to feature nonhuman characters - toys, cars, animals, fish - so they can avoid the uncanny valley.

Even when a human character shows up, for instance in Toy Story, the animation style is deliberately more cartoony than CGI is capable of. Another good example is The Clone Wars, where there's no attempt at making the humanoid characters photorealistic, even though the worlds and spaceships are rendered in a highly realistic style

Professional animators understand the uncanny valley problem and avoid it. Otherwise, they end up with movies people are too creeped out to see, such as Jack Frost.

But don't feel bad, I've yet to see a fan-made Star Trek production that didn't have some fatal flaw that rendered it unwatchable. For instance, the live action ones generally have terrible acting. No idea why - is there really a shortage of talented out of work actors? I would have thought the actors would be the easy part.
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