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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I'm viewing his serials in the order in which they were broadcast. So:

Time and the Raini
Paradise Towers
Delta and the Bannerman

I can find enjoyment in all of those ones, though Dragonfire is my favorite as Ace is my favorite companion and it was nice to see her introduction. I also really enjoy post-regeneration stories, so Raini worked for me in that regard. I thought the story was pretty intriguing as well. I will admit Towers was a bit on the silly side, but it kept my interest and was never boring. Bannderman is probably my least favorite of all the ones listed, and it could have probably used a little more work on the story. But to me, it wasn't horrible.

I did see The Curse of Fenric about a year or so ago on Netflix and really enjoyed it a lot. At the time it was the only Seventh Doctor story available for streaming so I never followed it up.
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