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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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She and Lennier both die in the Telepath war. It was actually supposed to be part of a Babylon 5 feature film, but that didn't get made.
It would have been seen in the spin-off Crusade episode "The Path of Sorrows" except that an agreement couldn't be made with Patricia Tallman so that part had to be re-written.

I was thinking of the "Wars of the Mind" outline in the TV movies book. It says something along the lines of "the fiery deaths of Lyta and Lennier can be used to promote the movie" (paraphrasing)
Ah, I'd forgotten about that one. JMS has put it in enough places that, even though he reserves the right to change anything not seen onscreen, I think we can safely assume that the fate of Lyta and Lennier is canon.

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