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Re: Confession: Why I am now 7/R

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There's no such thing as sexual orientation in the future because there is no bias.

No lesbians, no gays, no straights... Everyone is a human being equally because no one is taught that there is any where they shouldn't put their sex organs.

Although to use olden-day language, everyone is bisexual.
No bias, yes, nobody still thinks there's any moral reason not to put your organs where you want, but I'm pretty sure our hormones will still have an opinion.

Janeway's brain says "I am very fond of Seven and there is no reason not to have a sexual relationship."
Janeway's chemistry says ""

Then again I suppose she could go to the Doctor and get various endocrine therapies to change her chemistry's mind.

But if Voyager never got home, Tuvok/Seven is the perfect option. Neither will impose any role expectations on the other, save for once every seven years.
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