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Re: Sternbach blueprints question

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Anyway, after reviewing the Sternbach blueprints, I deduced the paper copies were printed at 75 scale, but I believe they were originally drawn at 50 scale on mylar. I don't suppose any other version of the Sternbach prints were ever sold (preferably something in the more common 50 scale?)
I don't recall exactly all of the details about the scales, but I mention in the blueprints booklet that the original art was 0.02"=1', starting with pencil art done by Todd Guenther (saucer decks) and me for most of the rest of the ship. The scale factor for the Pocket Books kodalith negs was 66.66%. I'd have to take out my published set and some of the mylar inks and really go through it all again. Or not.

For the DeAgostini Japan project, I settled on a printed ship length of ~28.5", which is about what it was for the Pocket Books printed sheets (printed, incidentally, on the presses at Rand McNally).

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