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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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Looking at the bibliography again, the Star Trek: Challenger series that Carey initiated as a successor to New Earth even died aborning, not having gotten past two entries in the Gateways series.
And there were certainly plans on her part to continue the series. She had discussed them at the time, and they were a unique approach for a Star Trek series.

From memory...

Starfleet assigned another ship to patrol the Belle Terre sector, and that ship carried orders for Nick Keller to return to Earth for reassignment. Keller instead resigns from Starfleet to operate as a privateer in the sector using the Challenger (which he could do, since it was the planet's ship, not Starfleet's ship). The tension in the series would have come from the conflict between Keller and Starfleet.

Thinking in terms of Carey's interests and politics, Keller and his ship would have been the equivalent of the colonial/early Republic militia, while the Starfleet ship would have been the equivalent of the US Army fort overseen by a representative of the far distant government back in Washington.

Of course, none of those plans ever came to fruition.
That's a shame. While I'm not a fan of Carey's writing, not only because of the way it's overly informed by her personal politics, she did write some good novels. Had she been able to explore a corner of the Trek universe in a Challenger series, we could have had something interesting.

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This discussion has knocked loose some musty memories.

Carey wasn't just sly in the novelization about her feelings concerning Enterprise. She gave an interview to a now-defunct website where she laid it all out directly. She blasted the characters, she criticized the series' writers room. She left no stone unturned.

While I can't find the original interview, I can find a German translation. (The link is to Google Translate's English translation of the German translation.)

And some of the interview (in the original English) can be found in this vintage Trekweb article.

OK, those interviews along with the content of Broken Bow make it unsurprising that her involvement with Trek stopped there.

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What I meant by Palmieri is that it seems like since he started in 2000-2001 as the Trek editor, and continuing on to the current editors the novelizations have been more or less the script and nothing to flesh out the story.

Before 2000, when John Ordover and the other editors were handling the line, it seems that we got better, more memorable, more "meaty" novelizations.
How many novelizations of episodes were there after 2001, period? The printed output of Enterprise generally was fairly small, anyway.
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