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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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If any poster in the thread is still looking for more figures from last year's Vintage Collection Darth Malgus wave assortment I suggest checking your local Toys 'R' Us store(s) right about now. Store reports are starting to come in fast and furious regarding the Malgus wave surfacing on TRU pegs in greater numbers than ever before, so if you've been wanting one or more of the five (then) new figures in that wave stop by a TRU and see what's dangling from the pegs.

As a reminder, the following new figures were in this wave:

Anakin Skywalker (realistic Clone Wars sculpt, VC92)
Darth Vader (A New Hope, VC93)
Imperial Navy Commander (VC94)
Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear, VC95)
Darth Malgus (VC96)
I can confirm this. I saw this wave on TRU pegs today.

I also saw the two DC Unlimited pegs completely full of the ugly as hell Injustice Batman, and no sign at all of the New52 Wonder Woman that is supposed to be in the same wave. If Mattel is sending out Injustice Batman only cases, then they've as good as killed the line already. Collectors have no interest in these awful redesigns from a game that we don't even know is going to be any good.
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