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Re: Sternbach blueprints question

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You may be in luck, graffy, at least in one area... Rick Sternbach himself is not a stranger to this board, so, it's entirely possible that you may get a pretty definitive answer to your question here if you're patient...

*Huff puff* Ah, made it. Yeah, I was heavily involved with a "part work" project for DeAgostini Japan, wherein subscribers would get, for plunking down something like $1500, 100 issues of tech data, crew facts, empty binders, blueprints, and ship model parts including a lighting kit. Hugely ambitious, but failed to take off, so to speak. Seven test issues were produced, and they look gorgeous. Their initial efforts on the model parts needed a lot of help, and by the end, they really had clean parts with a nice two-tone paint job.

I reworked all of the exterior ortho drawings to match up geometrically with the 6-foot Ent-D built by ILM and later modded for GENERATIONS. All new accurate shield grid lines, adjusted phaser strip locations, new markings, the works. Finally had some extra miniature castings to work from. Got about 65% of the new hyper-detailed cutaway done (you can see Guinan in Ten Forward with her hat). Got about 23 or so of the 42 deck plans completely redone. CBS and I will be talking about reissuing the set; no idea exactly where it might fit in their plans yet. The Trek publishing machine grinds exceedingly slowly these days, sorry to say.

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