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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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Also, there have been various reasons given for GLW's release from TOS. It has been said her demons had made her unreliable. Some say it was because of budget. Some say it was because the Rand character just plainly didn't serve any purpose. I have never heard she was let go because she didn't submit to Roddenberry's sexual demands (if any had been made) - and she could have probably made a lot of money from such claims.
I don't think any of us are in any place to judge GLW's state of mind then or now but I suspect that making any kind of allegation against anybody after so many years when there was only her word as to what happened would not have been a wise move whether she wanted to or not and I'm not sure that she believes that there would be anything to be gained from it for her personally.

The early episodes were on CBS action last month and they are of higher quality than many of the later shows, with more attention paid to ensemble character development. If you watch the Rand episodes in order, there is a fair amount of development going on but I think the mistake was bringing too much of her and Kirk to the fore too quickly and not giving her anything significant to do beyond that role. Her presence as the sociable female lead would have given Sulu and Uhura more chance to develop and she was also meant to be friends with Mr Spock. You can see lots of ways the character could have been used but you can also see, given how sexist TV was in the sixties and the way they moved to less emphasis on the supporting cast why, alongside other issues such as budget, a drinking problem, and a disgruntled executive her situation led where it did.

The ongoing IDW comic has gone the other way - placing Rand in the role of a security guard but totally overlooking the fact that she's a yeoman and giving her any admin duties that place her in Kirk's vicinity as his assistant where she might contribute in other ways. I've always thought the character was a gold mine. She was the everyman who could ask dumb questions to help out the audience unfamiliar with sci fi concepts, she could be the damsel in distress or if treated like a starfleet officer (although given Troi's treatment that would not have happened until after 1995) she could have saved the day. I've always found it strange that writers have never really treated the character with any respect. I'm going to rehabilitate the character into the 21st century if it kills me!
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