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Re: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87

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Why do you assume the Liberals would join a Labour coalition?
Maybe they wouldn't have, I was just making it clear that the majority of voters voted for other parties, and that a fairer electoral system may have prevented a Thatcher government. At the very least, a Con/Lib coalition should have been more moderate than the Conservatives on their own. (Or maybe not, going off the current UK government.)

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Fair enough TheGodBen, but if he'd actually said anything like that then i probably wouldn't have got pissy, instead he just said 'you made a mistake' a few times.
Well, he did point out that she didn't win a majority due to the FPTP system, but it might not have been clear what he was trying to say unless you follow British politics and understand the bitterness that many British members here have over the failure to replace that system a few years back. That's why I included the actual numbers, just to be completely clear.
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