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Re: Roger Ebert is dead...

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I think you mistook my tone for disgust. I was actually amused.

I think you've mistaken everyone's tone for actually wanting to listen to more of your whining or "amused" commentary when in reality they'd all just prefer it if you'd shut the hell up or at least start another thread. But you're committed now so you won't do that. Can't lose face in this stupid quest to prove whatever the hell it is you're trying to prove.

You're dragging people who plainly aren't even interested in a political debate in this case and who never got involved in the political argument before (like auntiehill) into your hyper-partisan bullshit where even someone who is only extremely peripherally related to politics like Roger Ebert is now some lightning rod of liberal thought. She was just posting a nice memorial commentary on his life that itself was only barely politically related, but you are so petty you couldn't resist making another dig.

Ebert rarely made some political comments in relevant movie reviews and an occasional editorial. He's not Marx or even Michael Moore. Do you have to sort everything through the prism of right and left? I can understand the commentary if it was someone who was actually a prominent political figure, but Roger Ebert? Seriously? Can't you just say something nice about his movie reviews without acting like a jerk, or failing that, don't say anything at all?

And no, in anticipation of your inevitable and no doubt annoying (if your previous comments are any indication) comeback, I don't give a shit what some liberal said in some barely conservative actor's or reviewer's memorial thread in the past. They're not me. I'm not responsible for every other liberal's comments in the past and it's not hypocrisy to point out something I disagree with even if another liberal (or conservative in your case) has done it. We're all individuals, so taking what auntiehill posted and dragging it into your or anyone else's political nonsense was out of line, as has been the entire fucking tangent about politics in this thread.

You can try and say this post is contributing to the disrespect of a memorial thread, but that ship sailed long before I even posted, first with some pedantic fuckwittery over the perfectly acceptable title and then with people who probably can't even eat a bowl of cereal in the morning without knowing Tony the Tiger's or Count Chocula's political stances. If having to see a half-paragraph respectfully stated commentary on healthcare accessibility that doesn't denounce anyone and is in a review of a movie about healthcare makes your blood boil, then you need to get a fucking grip.
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