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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

Infinity is the one that piques my interest the most, because it's the most open-ended, harkening back to TOS or maybe VOY but I like to stay positive here.

With this tsunami of shows, how does the Blake's 7 remake fit? Is it greenlit in a more definite way than the rest of these, further along in development, or is it just one of several space opera series all jostling for a limited number of timeslots?

I haven't seen an article that says, yes, Blake's 7 has a series order. (The link from the "SyFy on Galaxy Quest" article is broken.) I could see SyFy having two space operas on at the same time, but not sure it's reasonable to hope for more.

PS, I nominate Claudia Black for the lead role of Orion (even if my hunch is, it'll go to an unknown half her age.) And Ben Browder has a new job somewhere in there, preferably a villain this time.
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