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Re: Do you like to read?

I can't get enough non-fiction these past few years, particularly books focusing on film, politics and occasionally comics. I get the majority of these books from Edward R. Hamilton's Connecticut business and I keep attempting to catch up and run out, though that almost never happens lately. Today's magazines are generally thinner and have far less content than they used to, but I still subscribe to TIME, THE NEW YORKER and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. (PREMIERE and NEWSWEEK halted their print editions.)

At this moment I'm reading a Fred Hembeck Omnibus which I found last year at a comics shop. It's over 1000 pages long, but over half of these pages have TEN TIMES the word content normal authors would provide. I'll be roughly halfway through at week's end but it took three weeks to get this far. It's worth it. The book was only 25 dollars and unlike many writers, he more than gives you your money's worth. All my other books are accumulating, but at least I can guarantee myself none will take half as long as this to read. I'm savoring it and tearing through it as quickly as possible...
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