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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

So, though I have gotten along just fine with my Federation tactical officer, I have often noticed that (without really thinking about why) my escorts just don't seem to be all that nimble, even compared to my Gorn engineer in a Negh'Var.

In KASE today, I was flying my heavy escort carrier side by side with another HEC. Donatra let a salvo of torpedoes go towards us, and we both peeled off in the same direction. The other ship turned in a tighter arc and with more speed, no movement buff that I could see.

So, I went to investigate my build. Somehow, I had neglected to put any skill points into impulse thrusters. Not a single one.

How I managed this way without discovering it, I have no idea. This build has been in place since last summer. In addition to the lack of impulse thrusters, I realized that I have some poorly spent skill points in other places that I can use to shore up my survivability.

Time for a re-spec!
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