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Re: Who was the most hated character among fans while DS9 was airing?

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I'd say early Bashir annoyed me a lot. But by season 3 or 4, they'd made an active effort to make him less insufferable and though that major plot twist concerning him is really out there, it suited him in the end. Though Ezri did annoy me too... but for spoilers I won't get into that. Let's just say she distracted from the main plot more often than contributing to it.

As for Nog, Captain Kathryn. I'd actually say he probably had the best character arc out of -everyone- on DS9. He's a petty Ferengi brat at first but he changes... a lot. If you watched the season 7 finale of DS9 you seriously wouldn't recognize him, but the slow changes over the years really do become him.
Dang...all these premonitions about Nog coming in. I might have to look up spoilers to satisfy my curiousity now... Or should I just wait and be surprised?
Don't do it! You'll be glad you let yourself be surprised. (I will tell you that the episode in question in "Heart of Stone")

There's also a BIG change for Odo right at the start of season 3. A REALLY big one!

There's a lot of major characters introduced in seasons 3 and 4 who become VERY important later on. I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying their names, but watch out for Damar, Weyoun, and Martok especially (but you won't see any of them until season 4). To a lesser degree, keep an eye on Brunt, Leeta, and Kassidy Yates (all of whom are introduced in season 3).

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Kira and O'Brien for me. Couldn't stand either of them throughout the entire series. Same with Vedek Bariel and Winn.

I also didn't like Weoyun at first but he great into probably my favorite character on the show if not in all of Trek.

Worf did get a little annoying as someone else stated, but he's not as bad as the other two for me.

I've always liked Bashir, Garak, Odo, Quark, Jadzia Dax, and Sisko throughout the entire series. Oh and for bad guys, Gul Dukat was great.
I've never met anyone who didn't like O'Brien!
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