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Re: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87

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no. you took a joke too literally, got all pedantic and what i said is pretty much what happened anyway. no mistake, OK?

"Margaret fucking thatcher! she's only in power because a majority of the country voted conservative, therefore heavily implying they endorse the party's candidate!

-what the 'edgy' 80's comedian never said because its ridiculously unwieldy
No, you're still wrong. The majority of the UK neither voted for Margaret Thatcher nor the Conservative party during any of her three election victories. In 1979, the Conservatives won 43.9% of the vote while Labour and Liberals won a combined 50.7%. In 1983, the Conservatives won 42.4% while Labour and SDP/Lib won a combined 53%. In 1987, the Conservatives won 42.2% while Labour and SDP/Lib won a combined 53.4%.

However, because of the unfairness of the way seats are won in the First Past the Post electoral system, the Conservatives won a majority in Parliament in all three elections, preventing the possibility of a Lib/Lab coalition to block Thatcher. This is the point that JoeZhang was making.
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