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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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(not that we ever learn her fate or anything , but still its a good idea).
She and Lennier both die in the Telepath war. It was actually supposed to be part of a Babylon 5 feature film, but that didn't get made.

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I hope Garibaldi screwed her over in the end
He had a choice - screw over Lyta or screw over Bester. Which do you think he would choose?

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Seeing Londo on Minbar was interesting, although the gift was kind of annoying, especially since we don't find out what happens with it (although I'm going to assume it didn't end up working).
What happens is what was shown in the future scene back in War Without End in season three. That's why Londo had Sheridan and Delenn in the jail cell and they talk about their son being there as well. (David's sixteenth = 2278, also 17 years from Shadow War as future Londo mentions in that episode.)

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Even if the diplomatic stuff wasn't needed their anymore, wasn't it also an important trade hub?
I think the Alliance members no longer needed a station to trade stuff. The station was there because it was neutral territory between alien worlds that didn't necessarily get along. Now that they are mostly Alliance members they don't need that neutral spot.

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(although G'Kar's old pic, presumably from the pilot The Gathering, had some pretty freaky makeup).
The makeup team was indeed different on the pilot vs. the series.
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