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Re: Fist Warp Flight - Fist Contact Question

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Why do people saw Dilithium is a fuel? All it seems to do is catalyzes the M-AM reactions.
Canonically is there any dialogue or graphic saying Dilithium or antimatter was used?
I don't think so. The only technical bit I remember is:

LAFORGE (OC): Doctor!
LAFORGE: Would you mind taking a look at this?
LAFORGE: I've tried to reconstruct the intermix chamber from what I remember at school. Tell me if I got it right.
COCHRANE: School? You learned about this in school?
LAFORGE: Oh yeah. 'Basic Warp Design' is a required course at the Academy. The first chapter is called 'Zefram Cochrane'.
COCHRANE: Well, it looks like you got it right.
BARCLAY: Commander. This is what we're thinking of using to replace the damaged warp plasma conduit.
(Geordi uses his ocular implant to examine a spiral of copper tubing)
LAFORGE: Yeah. Yeah, that's good, but you need to reinforce this copper tubing with a nano-polymer.
I don't think there is much else.
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