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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

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As for B7 sadly I've never seen it. I've been searching for it for years, but it's not on DVD or streaming anywhere.
Check youtube
Yea, the pilot is there all in one chunk, and I saw numerous other episodes that have chunks of 10 minutes long and are named ... 1 of 5, 2 of 5, and so forth, so, it looks like there's a lot there, and very possibly most.

I used search term: Blake's 7 Season 1 Episode 1 playlist

to find the Pilot all in one shot, and numerous other episodes listed in 10 minute chunks (5 or 6 of these would make up a full episode, hence why they say "x of 5" or "x of 6")
Oh, just torrent it. It's just as illegal as watching it on Youtube.
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