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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

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Speaking of Star Trek, Paramount and Viacom should read the riot act to CBS Corporation/CBS Studios/CBS/The CW and make it clear that if they don't do something with the franchise, legal action and something else will be undertaken to force them to make a Star Trek TV show, or to get them to drop the franchise and let Paramount Pictures get it back in order to make a TV show by itself as Paramount TV.
One of the silliest things I've ever read on these boards. CBS owns Trek, Paramount has absolutely no say-so legal or otherwise over Trek. CBS could do a revival of TNG with Ed O'Neill as Picard and Matthew Perry as Riker and Paramount can't do jack-shit about it.
Call it what you will, I'm just tired of CBS having control over Star Trek and not doing anything with it other than license it out to Paramount for movies, while limiting it's ability to be on TV and not letting a show be made. As a wise old saying goes, CBS should shit or get off off the pot. If Paramount potentially can/wants do a TV series with the franchise and is willing to do so as the cornerstone for a new TV division, then they should be able to do so without CBS holding on to it for dear life like some kind of cosmic ATM used only to get extra cash from licensing.

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Why would Netflix or CBS go with Star Trek if it a proven loser on tv?
With the exception of Enterprise and the original run of TOS, Trek had consistently good ratings. TNG did awesome in syndication, and DS9, too. Voyager was UPN's highest rated series.

Heck, even TOS reruns do pretty well in ratings.

Trek on first-run TV has two loses, three wins. TNG era Trek was popular enough to spawn three spin-offs, which is a record for anything not All in the Family.
A better reason for there to have a new Star Trek show on TV again, I've not heard.

Also, Star Trek can be on network TV again; it just needs a network willing to air it fully and to resist the cynical siren call of profit in order to make it a success. After all, Hawaii Five-O's a success now on CBS, why not a new Star Trek show?

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