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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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The problem with having past Doctors appearing is some are too old or too dead.
Some sort of Tribbles mixing old and new futage would work.
Plenty of ways around both obstacles. They could go the Tribbles route.

Or, they wouldn't have to include all of the past Doctors, pick and choose. Some of them appear close enough to be workable. And there's always the Time Crash explanation.

Mr Awe
I'm still not understanding the problem with Davison. Did they do a fantastic job of makeup in Time Crash or something? Several people hae said things about him being all wrinkly. His hair's a bit thinner, and he's wider, but, his face looked pretty much the same to me, I didn't see all these wrinkles or a big change in his facial appearance
Quite a bit of work was done on Davison for Time Crash. Just take a look at him in the interviews on any random DVD and you'll see.
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