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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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It's interesting to hear that Kirk was ordered to the Nibiru system. I was under the impression that he came across the planet on his own. Raises some questions. If Starfleet wanted Kirk to simply observe the civilization there, wouldn't Starfleet have done prior preliminary long-range scans of the planet and its makeup that would've shown the super volcano was brewing and the planet could be doomed? If so, then why send Kirk there to observe a planet die? I'm probably just overthinking it, I guess.
Based on what I skimmed over from the first 38 minutes of the movies screened in Brazil, it is stated in the movie that Kirk was ordered to Nibiru to watch the civilization die.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Well, we've seen that the artists for the Abramsverse comics rely heavily on photo reference.
That's pretty much true of IDW in general.
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