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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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See, Pike. That's what happens when you take someone who should be a Jr. Lt. at best and smuggled aboard your ship while suspended, and rather than throw him in the brig, proceed to make him first officer on the immediate mission, then bump him all the way up to Captain & CO permanently thereafter. Not exactly surprising if he's got an overdeveloped sense of entitlement from all that...
Yeah, I mean why should he be concerned that some guy who has been considered dead for 20 years just walked onto the bridge of the Federation flagship and managed to take the ship over and almost hand it over the the Klingons using a code that programmed into one ship that was decommissioned two years ago that for some reason was carried over to his ship?

Or why should he maybe pissed about the fact that the federation is not only allowing the Klingons to commit genocide but also are covering it up.

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This Star Trek universe is seriously dark and twisted compared to the one we saw in the 1960's - and things are about to take a sharp turn for the worse.
As opposed to the other one where a flag officer's response to Kirk possibly murdering a guy was to offer him a ground posting in exchange for covering it up, or the time a Starship captain violated the Prime Directive to get rich off a possible fountain of youth, or the federation not bothering to check if one of their member planets might be oppressing a group of its citizens.

Seriously the TOS era federation did some pretty shady things at times.
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