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DS9 Phase 1A: "Calculated Risks"

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the debut of Deep Space Nine, I'll be publishing a few stand-alone stories taking place during the series run. This series is tentatively titled "Deep Space Nine: Phase 1A" after the unaired second Star Trek series known retrospectively as "Star Trek: Phase 2".

"Calculated Risks"

Doctor Bashir asks Commander Sisko to intermediate with an alien family who, because of their religious beliefs, refuse to allow a routine treatment that would save their dying child.
Major Kira embarks on a rescue mission to one of Bajor’s outer colonies, where channeling her inner-terrorist may prove costly.

Other notes: The A and B-plots of this story are loosely based on the Babylon 5 episode "Believers". Of course, when asked if that particular episode was at all based on a DS9 novel, creator Joe Straczynski answered that the author, "likely got his notion of the sick kid and the religious parents from the same basic source we did: the headlines."

Similarly, the premise of this story also draws on the overall medical ethics issue of respecting a patient's religious beliefs, as well as a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Takes place in 2369, DS9's first season, four months after "Emissary" and some time after "Battle Lines", as the runabout Orinoco, the Yangtzee Kiang's replacement, is featured here.

Girani Semna was first referenced in the seventh season DS9 episode "Chrysalis", with numerous appearances in DS9 relaunch novels.
"Desperate Alliances" are forged.
Join the hunt to stop "Omega".
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