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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

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PS On the clothes issue...the deliberate use of anachronism, the pretense that nothing will ever change, is absurd. You don't have to live very long to know that things do change, even if you don't notice from day to day. The apparent need to pretend (I hope it's a pretense!) ignorance of an inescapable fact of life more and more strikes me as a sure symptom of hack writing.
Not sure who you're addressing here. Most of the stuff the crew wore were clothes from the time, bought in shops and sometimes slightly altered. It was a production with a low budget.
I was agreeing with Christopher on this issue. The clothing in the pilot episode made an attempt to be different, despite a low budget, so it is not a criticism of Blake's 7. (They used the numeral in the title.) If they'd put the court officials in those wigs the English use today, that would be wrong. Instead the show put them in, well, they resembled drapes more than anything else. But the designer's heart was in the right place.
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