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Re: Roger Ebert is dead...

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There's a certain irony in asking to drop "political bullshit" and then linking to a "lovely" story about, among other things, Ebert's political views and eulogies from various politicians.
Maybe if the reader is applying a ridiculously politically-partisan filter. There is one sentence that could be construed as pointing to personal politics, in a Glenn Beck dog-whistle kind of way: "Quinn heralded Ebertís passion for education, social justice and working-peopleís rights." Those concerns point exclusively to lefties, apparently?

And the fact that a lot of Democratic politicians showed up at a funeral for a prominent Chicagoan is hardly surprising given the political makeup of the city.

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Oh, I am perfectly willing to let it go (though apparently no one else is, given many of the posts above mine and after hers). I just thought the particular article choice was ironic.
The article was reporting the events of the funeral, not taking an editorial position so there is really no comparison to the political axes being ground in this thread. Much less irony.
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