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Re: Question about TWOK DE (HD) on iTunes

^^^All possible.

But the fact we have now 4 years later is that there is no announcement of the DEs for the release of the new movie in May, probably it won't be in the fall because I think they'd want the new movie to be the only Trek movie on sale at that time to maximize sales of that title.
Also none of the 'insiders' have heard anything about rerendering the Fx for the DE of TMP--which would be a fairly long process. So where does that put us? They are hoping for the next new movie for the 50th anniversary in 2016. Is that really the best we can hope for? 7 years after the previous release---if ever.

As I said, very few movies that have multiple versions DON'T have multiple versions available on Blu-ray. It's sad that Trek is one and they haven't been able to fix that in 4 years--or the near future to come.
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