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Re: Censorship and War

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Since after the Vietnam War, the main stream media has shied away from showing graphic images of war. A lot of this has moved to the internet, where the option to view is available. However, most people tend to avoid this and they do not get exposed to the graphic images that those during the Vietnam era were exposed to. Even some of the so called liberal message boards ban graphic images of this kind.

Is this a positive?

I think so. I ultimately think war should be viewed from as aseptic a point of view as possible. Soldiers are ultimately pawns in the global chessboard of geopolitics. Sometimes the widespread deaths of soldiers is necessary for the greater good. The more suffering and death that can be desensitized with the general public, the the more a leader can maintain public support for a bloody war. The more abstract these concepts become to the general public, the better it is for national security and the human psyche. Otherwise, you increase the likelihood of public discontent with the war, like what happened with Vietnam. We could've still won that war.
"Sometimes the widespread deaths of soldiers is necessary for the greater good"
Which side are you speaking of? Our soldiers? Theirs?
Speaking as the mother of a deployed soldier, one loss is one too many.
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