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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

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TNG era Trek was popular enough to spawn three spinoffs, which is a record for anything not All in the Family.
What about The Mary Tyler Moore Show? It spun off Rhoda, Phyllis, and Lou Grant. Then there's Happy Days -- itself a spinoff of sorts from Love, American Style -- which in turn spun off Laverne and Shirley, Joanie Loves Chachi, Blansky's Beauties (debatably), Mork and Mindy, and Out of the Blue (the last two in a backdoor-pilot kind of way). And of course there's Law and Order, which spun off L&O: Special Victims Unit, L&O: Criminal Intent, L&O: Trial by Jury, Conviction, L&O: Los Angeles, and arguably L&O: UK (though that's more a remake than a spinoff).

Maybe you could also make a case for Sanford and Son, which had two short-lived spinoffs (Grady and The Sanford Arms) and a short-lived revival/sequel (Sanford) -- and was in turn a remake of the British Steptoe and Son. And The Brady Bunch spawned the variety show The Brady Hour, the animated series The Brady Kids, and the revivals The Brady Brides and The Bradys. And Beverly Hills 90210 spun off Melrose Place which spun off Models, Inc. in turn, and was revived as 90210.

Ooh, and Knight Rider has had a backdoor-pilot revival movie (Knight Rider 2000), a loose reimagining pilot movie (Knight Rider 2010), and two sequel series (Team Knight Rider and Knight Rider), none of which are in continuity with each other.

In animation, you've got Batman: The Animated Series spinning off 5-6 other series and four movies in the DC Animated Universe, depending on whether you count Justice League and Justice League Unlimited as separate shows.

And of course in the UK you've got Doctor Who, which has spawned the failed K9 and Company pilot, the revival Doctor Who series, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as an extracanonical Australian spinoff series K9.
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