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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

Hmm. I tend to find some fault with Carey's hard-Libertarian politics, her tendency to put it in her books (especially the "Piper" books), and particularly with her tendency to put hard-Libertarian political commentary into a Vulcan's mouth (specifically, Sarda's), but I rather liked Piper; I thought she was by far the best example I've ever seen of a "Mary-Sue" character done right.

In fact, if I weren't already at least 27 cantos into Dante's Divine Comedy (the Longfellow translation), and didn't also need to set it aside and re-read the first two chapters of another book for a discussion group I signed up for, I'd be inclined to start re-reading her "Piper" and "Geordie Kirk" novels tonight.
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