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Re: Where do I start?

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Well, I finally caught up, thanks to On Demand. (Still have to see lots of stuff from before Rose.) Next Bonehead question: Maybe I missed something, but why is the Doctor obsessed with Clara. He seemed to be there when her parents were meeting, and again when she was a child. There was even that little short subject where he was missing "a friend" who seemingly is Clara. Of course, the little girl he's talking to on the swing turns out to be Clara as a child.
So, what did I miss?
She's a mystery. If you want to capture the Doctor's attention, put a mystery in front of him, and he can't resist

He "met" her in episode 7.01 in the Future (Asylum of the Daleks), and then she turned out to be a Dalek. Then he met her again in the past and put it together that she was the Dalek, when he heard Victoran Clara reciting some of Oswin/Souflee Girl's dialogue. Then after searching he found her on Modern day Earth, so, he checked up on her past, because he is suspicious that this is all too coincidental, and may be some kind of trap one o his enemies laid out for him.
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